• We offer 80% – 90% of the market value.

  • We do not charge any fees.

  • We can complete as quickly as 3 weeks.

But selling through an estate agent can take on average 7 to 9 months to complete, if the sale goes smoothly. In recent months in can take even longer to sell your house, especially if there are delays in obtaining a mortgage offer, or the chain breaks.

Below is an estimate of the true costs involved in selling your house with an estate agent.

True Cost of Selling with Estate Agent
Enter your property's asking price here
Total Costs over 7 months
True costs of selling through estate agent, detailed below
Actual Payment to You
This is of the property's asking price
Detailed Cost of Selling with Estate Agent
Estate Agent Sell Property
Fast UK
Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
This is required before putting your house on the market.
-£300 None
Price Drop after 4 weeks
If no offers received within 4 weeks, Agent suggests 5% price drop.
It can take approximately 8-12 weeks on the market, before receiving an offer.
Average Offer
The average offer is usually 7% below asking price.
Usually 75-90%
Price Chip after Survey
To cover any issues that are raised in survey. Often reduced by 2%
Solicitors Costs
-£700 Free
Mortgage Payments
Payable for approx 7 months until sale is completed
Council Tax & Other Bills
Utility bills Council Tax, Gas, Electricity & Water bills payable for approx. 7 months
-£1400 None
Maintenance Costs
Payable for 7 months
-£900 None
Estate Agency Costs
Usually 2% + VAT
Total Costs